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GoodWorks is a non-profit dedicated to transforming public safety and health literacy for at-risk youth in marginalized communities.

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We Make Learning To Save A Life Easier

Through tailored workshops, strategic partnerships, and cultural engagement, we simplify crucial life-saving concepts like bleeding control, opioid overdose response, harm reduction, and CPR.

Our belief is clear: to create safer communities, we must foster a more informed and proactive generation. Beyond just witnessing, we are cultivating a generation equipped to act, ensuring fewer preventable deaths and injuries in emergencies.
What we do

Building Our Community

We envision a world where our BIPOC communities and at-risk youth are empowered with greater health literacy, where safety is a shared responsibility, and where the proactive actions of the informed youth reduce preventable tragedies and deaths to ultimately save lives.
Our impact

Nationwide, Based In The DMV

GoodWorks is dedicated to providing life-saving education and support to the entire nation, with an emphasis on the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia (DMV) area.

Serving Our Community

We actively engage with our community by participating in events, conducting workshops, and advocating for crucial resources and commitment.

Meet Us At An Event

We pop up at local events to meet our community where they are and engage them early.

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We collaborate with local organizations to facilitate concise, engaging, and impactful workshops. These workshops are led by our certified instructors and supported by local volunteers. Together, we address crucial lifesaving topics such as CPR, bleeding control, and opioid response in a memorable manner.
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Advocacy + Education

We create and share accessible digital content that addresses public safety issues, promotes health equity, and tackles any current events that have a negative impact on health outcomes within the community.



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Education That Breathes Life

Join us in supporting our mission to deliver vital education and essential supplies to underserved communities.
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