Discover the Joy of Volunteering with GoodWorks

From leading engaging workshops to overseeing life-saving scenarios, and enhancing the overall learning experience- No experience needed, we got you !

What our volunteers say

Celebrating purposeful and exciting volunteer work

“This is what community health should look like. I'm grateful for this experience.

Rob O.

Prince Georges County, MD .First-year Medical Student,

“I would honestly recommend this volunteer experience to everyone, whether you're pre-med or not.”

Latefah M.

Detroit, Undergraduate student

"GoodWorks came down to Barry farms and just started showing kids on the court how to do CPR. We need that in our community'

Jordan Johnson

Community member, Southeast DC

"I’m proud to have been apart of this project. I felt like I was able to finally make an impact with my training."

Philip M.

Baltimore,PA Student-

"Awesome experience. Would recommend to anyone looking for quality volunteer hours."

Nick B.

Hagerstown, PA Student
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